Forex woes hold up Telecel Zimbabwe sale

HARARE, February 9 (The Source) – The Zimbabwe government still owes Dutch-based firm VEON (formerly Vimpelcom) $18 million for the purchase of its 60 percent stake in Telecel Zimbabwe because it is unable to raise foreign currency, a cabinet minister has said.

Telecel Zimbabwe seeks $200mln reboot

HARARE, May 18 (The Source) – Zimbabwe’s smallest mobile network operator, Telecel  is in discussions with investors over a $200 million loan seen as crucial to reviving its operations. Telecel has 1,8 million active subscribers out of its 4,6 million total customers according to the… Read More

Public outrage forces Potraz data tariff reversal

HARARE, January 13 (The Source) – The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has cancelled its directive compelling mobile telephone network operators to increase prices for internet access after a public outcry. On Monday, the telecommunications regulator announced a minimum price of 2… Read More

Zim telcos raise $20mln for ICT fund

HARARE, July 27 (The Source) – Government says telecommunication companies have contributed over $20 million to a mooted ICT Youth Innovation Fund to provide seed capital to local start-up techies. The fund is a collaborative effort between the ICT ministry, the regulator Postal and Regulatory… Read More