Govt, ZEC owe CMED $25mln

HARARE, July 13 (The Source) – The State owned, Central Mechanical and Engineering Department  CMED) is owed close to $25 million by the Zimbabwe government and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) for car rentals as far back as 2013, compromising its service delivery, according to… Read More

Zimbabwe expects 2,5mln carat diamonds in 2017

HARARE, June 22 (The Source) – Zimbabwe expects to produce 2,5 million carats of diamonds this year after acquiring equipment for its state-owned Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company but legal challenges remain over its move to nationalise diamonds fields in the east of the country. President… Read More

Zim govt issues $600mln TBs to pay ZESA debts

HARARE,  June 5  (The Source) – Zimbabwe’s Treasury has issued about $600 million worth of Treasury Bills to settle debts owed by parastatals and local authorities to the country’s power utility,  a senior government official has said.   In January, the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority… Read More