The Greening of African Technology

By Graça Machel, JOHANNESBURG (Project Syndicate) – Technological innovation offers Africa huge possibilities. That is why I joined Africa’s movers and shakers last week at a meeting of the World Economic Forum in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. We were there to discuss how the… Read More

Counting the cost of a bad name

HARARE, May 6 (The Source) – When Gideon Gono’s term ended at central bank, he left a $1,3 billion debt. But the bigger, more damaging deficit he left was public trust. In December 2014, as the economy struggled with the big problem of small change,… Read More

BOND NOTES: A legal perspective

By Fadzayi Mahere, HARARE, May 6 (The Source) – On the 4th of May 2016, the Reserve Bank Governor of Zimbabwe, John Mangudya, issued a press statement wherein he indicated that “the Reserve Bank has established a USD200 million foreign exchange and export incentive facility… Read More