Zimbabwe inflation spikes to 2.24pct

HARARE, November 15 (The Source) – Zimbabwe’s consumer price inflation grew to 2.24 percent year-on-year in October from 0.78 percent in September, the national statistics agency said on Wednesday. Month-to-month the inflation rose by 1.54 percent in October from 0.38 percent previously, Zimstats said.

Zimbabwe’s inflation puzzle

HARARE, October 30 (The Source) – Renowned professor at The John Hopkins University, Steve Hanke suggests in his latest note that Zimbabwe’s inflation has in fact, reached 332,62 percent, not the official 0,78 percent.

January inflation rises to -0.65pct

HARARE, February 15 (The Source) – Zimbabwe’s annual inflation rate gained 0.28 percentage points in January to -0.65 percent, the statistics agency reported on Wednesday. On a monthly basis, the rate was 0.23 percent in January after gaining 0.18 percentage points on the December 2016… Read More