Ecocash suspends International payments

HARARE, October 11 (The Source) – Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s mobile money platform, EcoCash on Wednesday suspended the use of its debit card to pay for international transactions, as the country’s foreign currency shortage intensifies. Local financial institutions have been finding it hard to meet foreign… Read More

Bond notes: govt hires German firm

VICTORIA FALLS, May 20 (The Source) –Zimbabwe has contracted a private company in Germany to print bond notes that have sparked public outrage since theirintroduction was announcedearlier this month, a central bank official said on Friday. In a presentation to the Chamber of Mines of… Read More

Cash crisis: the government’s hidden hand

By Alfonce Mbizwo, HARARE, May 16 (The Source) – Zimbabwe’s cash crisis has led to questions about the government’s management of the country’s financial systems, with indications that its increasing borrowings on the domestic market have created a financial black hole for the banking sector… Read More