The Imperialist People’s Republic of Africa?

By Hannah Ryder, BEIJING – A few months ago, a New York Times magazine cover was emblazoned with the question “Is China the World’s New Colonial Power?” The notion that China is a twenty-first-century colonizer is not new: commentators have been batting it around for… Read More

The Emergence of a Post-Fact World

By Francis Fukuyama, STANFORD – One of the more striking developments of 2016 and its highly unusual politics was the emergence of a “post-fact” world, in which virtually all authoritative information sources were called into question and challenged by contrary facts of dubious quality and… Read More

IDC says denied SA loan over sanctions

HARARE, April 14 (The Source) – The Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe (IDCZ) says it failed to secure a second loan facility from IDC South Africa, which has cited sanctions on some IDCZ subsidiaries by the United States government. The US imposed “targeted” sanctions on… Read More

Tourists’ VAT exemption still in place-Mzembi

HARARE January 7, (The Source) – Zimbabwe is not keen on removing the VAT exemption status enjoyed by foreign tourists, the country’s tourism minister said on Wednesday, adding that the 2015 budget statement’s silence on the issue underlines that position. Foreign tourists’ payments for accommodation… Read More

Zimbabwe-China: By the numbers

HARARE, August 22 (The Source) – President Robert Mugabe embarks on an official visit to China later this week, his 13th trip to the Asian giant, according to Beijing’s ambassador to Zimbabwe Lin Lin. Mugabe’s visit to China comes at a time Zimbabwe is in… Read More