ZSE decline: more pain ahead

By Farai Murambiwa, January 22 (The Source) – Legend has it that Joseph P. Kennedy, father to US President John F Kennedy, sold all his equity holdings just before the infamous 1929 US stock market crash because he overheard shoeshine boys and other market novices… Read More

Investing in deflationary times

By Ray Chipendo, JOHANNESBURG, October 16 (The Source) –  Not so long ago policy makers and commentators identified what was then “disinflation” as a short term correction in prices. As the Zimbabwean economy transitioned into a US Dollar market, prices did not adjust downwards quick enough.… Read More

Reasons to be optimistic about Zimbabwe

By James Chiutsa, HARARE, August 20 (The Source) – With all economic indicators facing southwards, difficult times certainly lie ahead for Zimbabwe’s distressed economy. But the country is not without cause for optimism to get out of the rut. A fast, growing population Zimbabwe has… Read More