ZSE slips on Delta loss

HARARE, December 13 (The Source) – The stock market closed the week bearish, with the main industrial index retreating 3.20 points to 204.12 points on the back of negative trades in heavyweights,  Delta and Innscor. The beverage maker shed five cents to 140 cents with… Read More

Positive sentiment returns to ZSE

HARARE, December 5 (The Source) – Positivity returned to the market on Thursday, with the industrials index edging up slightly by 0.13 points to 212.84 points. Trading was dominated by Econet, which contributed 82 percent of the total value of trades with over 3.5 million… Read More

Delta in $4.7 mln out of market deal

HARARE, December 2 (The Source) The market started the week positively, with the main industrials index gaining 0.87 points to 213.91 points with support from heavyweights Delta and Econet. Delta traded 1.05 cents higher to 151.05 cents recording a turnover of $154 000 from sales… Read More

Negative sentiment persists on ZSE

HARARE, November 28 (The Source) – The negative sentiment on the stock market persisted on Thursday, with the industrial index dropping 2.02 points to end at 215.24 points. The loss was on the back of negative trades in heavyweight Delta which was 3.3 cents lower… Read More