Hard-up Bulawayo City Council entices debtors

Hard-up Bulawayo City Council entices debtors

HARARE, January 8 (The Source) – Struggling Bulawayo City Council (BCC) has urged residents with outstanding debts to negotiate payment plans as it seeks to recover $170 million in unpaid bills.

Council minutes show that as at last September the municipality was owed $166 million by residents with government accounting for the other $4,7 million.

In a notice on Monday, BCC town clerk Christopher Dube said council was willing to waiver interest charges for those customers who would have entered into payment arrangements with the municipality.

“Council will enter into arrangements with interested consumers where council will park the overdue debt and encourage payment of all current charges charges and instalments towards the parked debt religiously over an agreed period,” he said

“Consumer accounts with arrangements that are honoured will not be disconnected or be subject to any debt recovery measures such as litigation”.

Dube said interest will be maintained on accounts where there is no agreement. In cases where there has been breach of agreement, interest will be reinstated.