Tobacco exports fall marginally to $898mln 

Tobacco exports fall marginally to $898mln 

HARARE, November 28 (The Source) – Zimbabwe’s tobacco exports declined marginally by two percent, earning $898,9 million as at December 13 compared to $913,8 million, statistics from the industry regulator have shown.

In a trading update, the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) said the southern African nation exported 180,6 million kilograms of tobacco at an average price of $4,98 per kg compared to160,3 million kg exported at an average price of $5,70 per kg last year.

China remains the top destination of the tobacco, buying 60,7 million kg at $7,88 per kg worth $479 million.
South Africa continues to lead the buyers list in Africa at 23,7 million kg totalling $76,2 million at $3,21 per kg.
Belgium bought 21,6 million kg worth $64,6 million at $2,98 per kg.

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With tobacco output projected to be around 200 million kilograms next year from 190 million kg this year, exports of the crop are expected to increase to $1 billion.
So far, 103,429 farmers have registered to grow tobacco in the 2017/18 farming season.
Of the 70,463 hectares area planted, 55,472 hectares is under dryland tobacco while 14,991 hectares under irrigated tobacco.