Minister, officials used Zimdef money for personal use says anti-corruption official

Minister, officials used Zimdef money for personal use says anti-corruption official

By Plaxedes Sibanda, HARARE, October 13 (The Source) – Zimbabwe’s anti-corruption officials on Thursday said higher education minister Professor Jonathan Moyo and officials in his ministry used money meant for the manpower development to fund personal interests and have to face corruption charges.

Chairman of the the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) investigations committee, Goodson Nguni told journalists on Thursday that Moyo, in cahoots with officials from his ministry, diverted $430,000 from the fund to finance personal activities.

“Thousands of dollars were paid up to finance personal businesses interests of officials in the ministry of higher and tertiary education,” said Nguni.

The Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (ZIMDEF), under Moyo’s ministry, earns its money from collecting a one percent training levy from companies operating in Zimbabwe. The money is meant to develop critical skills for the economy.

At the end of last year, ZIMDEF had total income of close to $50 million, total reserves of $73 million and cash of $5 million.

Moyo has said on his Twitter account that the money was used to fund the “Million Man March”, a massive parade of thousands of party youths in support of President Robert Mugabe and festivities to celebrate Mugabe’s birthday.

“Since the logic here is ALL situations are the same, I’m happy to put on record that 21st Feb movement, MillionManMarch etc are MY CROSS!,” said Moyo yesterday on his Twitter handle.

But Nguni said evidence at hand was contrary.

“No monies from Zimdef benefited any political party. It is a lie. All monies that have been paid out have been traced to the personal benefits of Professor Jonathan Moyo, Dr Gandawa, Mr Hozheri, his personal assistant and Mr Mapute assisted them in these actions including Mr Mandizvidza.”

Godfrey Gandawa is Moyo’s deputy while Nicholas Mapute is the Zimdef principal director of finance and administration.

Nguni added that Gandawa had used Zimdef funds to pay off a $70,000 Barclays Bank loan.

“We also went to Gandawa’s personal accounts, in his personal accounts that’s where we discovered that some of the Zimdef money was put into Fuzzy Technologies … $100,000 was transferred to Gandawa’s personal account then he paid $70,000 towards a loan that he owed from that money.”

Nguni shot down Moyo’s claims that the investigations were being carried out to drive a political agenda.

Moyo has over the past week taken to twitter to alleging political persecution.

“The information that we have here came from a whistleblower who identified himself and said was a director of a company that was given $95,800 by Zimdef but (his company) was an agro-chemical company and did not understand how that money came into their account. And we started investigations. There is no faction or politics. We are talking about plain fraudulent activities by people,” said Nguni.