Telecel Zimbabwe bids to expand local footprint

Telecel Zimbabwe bids to expand local footprint

HARARE, August 3 (The Source) – Zimbabwe’s third largest mobile network operator, Telecel says it has added 15 franchise stores as it bids to increase its footprint in the country.

The telco, Zimbabwe’s smallest with about 2,4 million subscribers, started the retail expansion last year and to date has 52 customer service centres and 500 kiosks countrywide.

Communications and branding director, Obert Mandimika said the franchise shops will increase convenience in areas with little corporate retail.

“Following the success, popularity and impact of the first batch of franchise shops we saw it fit to add more retail shops across the country particularly in areas that had little Telecel corporate retail presence,” said Mandimika.

The additional franchise shops, which are mostly in urban, rural and peri-urban areas, are run in partnership with local entrepreneurs with the telco providing capital for stocking and branding the shops.

“These franchise shops represent a win-win scenario where both Telecel and local business partners from the communities in which we operate stand to benefit financially,” he said.

The centres provide a full range of services, including the Telecel mobile money service, Telecash, SIM replacement and SIM registration services.