Govt delays paying civil servants salaries again

Govt delays paying civil servants salaries again

HARARE, July 21 (The Source) – Government says it will pay salaries for its soldiers next Monday, over a week late, and has deferred other payments to next month as it grapples with a chronic cash shortage.

This is the second consecutive month the state has failed to pay salaries on time. Last month’s delay prompted a strike which saw teachers, doctors and nurses stay away from work.

Government said on Thursday that members of the Zimbabwe National Army, who usually receive their salaries on the 15th of every month, will be paid on the July 25 while the health sector and police, along with prison service personnel have seen their pay dates pushed forward to the July 27 and 29.

Teachers, who make up the biggest segment of the civil service, other government workers and pensioners will get paid in August, according to a memo seen by The Source.

The government has struggled to settle the public sector wage bill, which constitutes about 82 percent of its total expenditure as it faces up to its biggest financial squeeze since it dumped its own hyperinflation-hit currency in 2009 in favour of mainly the greenback.