High response for cash-rich NSSA top jobs as over 500 want in

High response for cash-rich NSSA top jobs as over 500 want in

HARARE, April 4 (The Source) – Cash rich government run pension fund, the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) said on Monday it has received over 500 applications from interested candidates to fill top four vacant management posts.

The posts, including that of chief executive became vacant last year after the then incumbent, James Matiza and other top directors were fired in a shake-up that the institution’s board said was meant to redirect the pensions fund path after a swing of investment related scandals.

The NSSA board, led by chartered accountant, Robin Vela, appointed Hashmon Matemera, who is also a board member and banker, as the acting chief executive.

NSSA said the huge response from interested individuals meant substantive appointments would be delayed.

“It is anticipated that the Board will be able to report on the updated position regarding the appointment of substantive management together with NSSA’s Q1 2016 formal report on or before 30 April 2016,” the NSSA board said.

The board said all the individuals appointed to act on an interim basis would have their terms extended until substantive managers is finalised.

NSSA, a compulsory pension fund has come under public scrutiny and criticism many a time after losing out million in pensioners’ funds following investment in questionable ventures some of which collapsed.

The institution was recently used by government to invest over $30 million in the acquisition of a stake in mobile phone operator, Telecel Zimbabwe.