Vic Falls municipality agrees data barter deal with Liquid Telecom

Vic Falls municipality agrees data barter deal with Liquid Telecom

VICTORIA FALLS, September 8 (The Source) – Victoria Falls Municipality has agreed to a proposal by leading regional internet provider, Liquid Telecom, for a business partnership which would see the company providing internet connectivity to the local authority in exchange for advertising space, latest council minutes have shown.

“Liquid Telecom presented a partnership proposal to the municipality where it would provide internet connectivity to eight council sites at a total cost of $25, 883, 28 to install the service. To enjoy the service the municipality would pay $8, 611,20 per month,” said the council in the minutes.

Under Liquid’s proposal, however, the local authority would not pay for the service if it gives Liquid Telecom five billboard sites for advertising.

Owned by Econet Wireless Global (EWG), Liquid has operations in eastern, central and southern Africa. If approved, the deal would give the company high visibility in the country’s prime tourism resort.

The council sites to be connected through include two clinics, municipal offices, the Mayor’s house and housing offices.

“Liquid Telecoms would provide these services and installations to the municipality in exchange for five billboards sites. The Municipality would not pay a cent if it gives Liquid Telecoms these sites while Liquid Telecom would not pay lease rentals for the billboards,” said the council.

The partnership is a one year renewable deal. The full council agreed to the proposal and ordered the management to sign the deal.

The local authority include access to improved internet connectivity would be key to its development and speedy processing of bills.

“This arrangement benefits the council as we get $15, 000 per annum for billboard lease rentals while paying $129, 217, 68 for equivalent internet connectivity. The municipality would lose income of $15,000 while getting service value of $129, 217, 68,” the council said.

  • cheki

    This is where you see misplaced priorities!!!!! Why not library and or schools. Mayor’s house!!!!