DHL plans 500 outlets by year-end

DHL plans 500 outlets by year-end

HARARE, March 5 (The Source) – Logistics group DHL International Zimbabwe says it plans to increase its footprint around the country by opening an additional 500 retail points this year after experiencing ‘significant’ growth in shipment volumes pushed by tobacco sales.

Currently, the company has 55 outlets in the country and plans to set up another 45 by April.

DHL International Zimbabwe managing director, Jeff Phiri on Thursday told a press briefing that Zimbabwe’s buoyant tobacco industry was largely responsible for the high volumes after it produced 216 million kilogrammes last year.

The sector is projected to produce up to 195 million kg this year.

“The tobacco sector has driven our volumes up over the past couple of years and we are anticipating bigger volumes this year. We are actually smiling because the tobacco season has started,” said Phiri.

Apart from tobacco, Phiri said shipment of bills of lading to Tanzania had also spurred growth.

Zimbabweans, have over the years turned to importing second hand vehicles from Japan, most of which come through Dar es Salaam.

“We have recorded significant increases in the traffic of documents destined for Tanzania because of the vehicle imports,” Phiri said.