EU million pledges $110mln farm support for Zimbabwe

EU million pledges $110mln farm support for Zimbabwe

HARARE, January 28, (The Source) – The European Union on Wednesday  pledged over $110 million to support the Zimbabwe’s agriculture industry under a five year fund as the bloc resumes direct aid to the southern African country.

The EU lifted its 12-year suspension of direct financial aid to the government of Zimbabwe, imposed after allegations of rights abuses by President Robert Mugabe’s administration citing improvements in the political environment after the adoption of a new constitution and peaceful, if disputed polls, last year.

Despite the sanctions, The EU remained a major donor to Zimbabwe and channelled funds through non-governmental organisations and multi-lateral agencies, spending 1,5 billion euro ($2 billion) since 2002.

The equipment donated was funded by EU and Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations and will be used to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate agriculture projects for the rural areas.

The money is part of the 234 million Euro ($300 million funding programme announced on October 30 last year to support health, agriculture and governance initiatives through the European Development Fund (EDF)’s National Indicative Programme.

The EDF is the instrument for EU aid for development co-operation in Africa, the Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) countries and the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT).

On Wednesday, the EU donated agriculture equipment worth $600,000 to the government and its envoy to Zimbabwe, Philippe Van Damme said the bloc will raise its support levels.

“I am particularly glad to confirm now that we will step up our continued commitment to agriculture over the next years significantly and in various ways,”

“The amount of the EU support to the sector will further increase. Under the 11th EDF, 88 million Euro or more than $110 million has been earmarked for agriculture as engine of economic growth. This initial amount will be topped up by funds originating from specific food security and climate change budget lines,” said Van Damme.

  • Alexander NonServiam

    Have they completely lost their heads? The ruling elite under this geriatric dictator who wipes his back side with Gold(!) toilet paper worth 5,5 mil.$, have destroyed the farms of white farmers, in some cases they killed them on their property. These landsquaters don’t know anything about farming, and thusly destroyed anything they took from the white farmers.110 million $ being put into agricultural help, without any say in where the money should be spent is utterly ridiculous. It emboldens these thugs. It legalizes the rule of Mugabe and his croonies. There is absolutely no logic or reason in supporting a regime that hates white people, that sees and treats homosexuals as criminals, that will play it’s China or Russia hand without any reservation. They will take our money and give us the middle finger. And rightly so, ’cause so it seems the EU is run by complete Idiots. Somebody missed the memmo; “We do not support regimes that are totalitarian at heart, that spew hate, that misuse/abuse their vote in International Cooperations such like the UN. We do not support a nation that has no intention to coöperate with us, but only seeks to use us for their own agenda.” Giving a regime that completely destroyed the economy, money to support said economy, is a really bad idea. No good will come from it. You have to let them fail on their own accord. When they fail to (not if, but when) restore their economy you will see that they undoubtly blame us for their own faulty corrupt system. Believe me they have been doing that all up and down that continent. Blame the West, they used to colonize us! So they are solely to blame for ALL the problems. No Euro’s for failed states!!!