Use old resources to develop new ideas, says venture capitalist

Use old resources to develop new ideas, says venture capitalist

HARARE, October 24 (The Source) – Venture Capital for Africa (VC4Africa) founder Ben White says Zimbabwean entrepreneurs have to learn to use available resources to start-up businesses that can create job opportunities and attract international investors.

VC4Africa is an online community based in Netherlands which connects African entrepreneurs with global investors and fundraisers.

“I cannot tell Zimbabwean entrepreneurs what kind of business they should concentrate on. They have to understand the power of technology to start-up businesses that can give solutions to the national problems,” Ben White told The Source.

“The investors are always prepared to invest in entrepreneurships as long as the entrepreneurs are presenting scalable and competitive business projects which are not going to collapse within a short period of time. For Instance, Saisai Wireless is now recognised globally because they pitched up a realistic project.”

Saisai Wireless is a Zimbabwean start-up pioneered by National University of Science and Technology student Christopher Manzero which redistributes free wifi resources to the point of need using peer to peer protocols.

Zimbabwean entrepreneurs also need to utilise technology to create diversity in the global market,

White added.