ZSE slide continues

ZSE 04

HARARE, April 11 (The Source) – The industrial index closed the week low after retreating 2.09 points to close at 172.59 points.

Among the losers were Delta which was down five cents to trade at 110 cents and Padenga lost 0.29 cents to settle at 7.70 cents. ZPI dropped 0.01 cents to trade at 0.95 cents.

Gains were recorded in Afdis which added five cents to 35 cents. Meikles added a cent to 18.01 cents and Econet pushed up 0.50 cents to close at 61.50 cents. Mashholdings gained 0.29 cents to 2.30 cents.

Week on week the industrial index was down 3.77 points.

The mining index was flat at 28.82 points with Bindura, Falgold, Hwange and Riozim maintaining previous trading levels.

Week on week the mining index lost 0.69 points.

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