Govt wants 20 percent ethanol blending – minister

Govt wants 20 percent ethanol blending – minister

MUTARE, October 15 (The Source) – The government plans to increase mandatory blending of petrol with ethanol to 20 percent, which would save $72 million in fuel costs annually, the energy minister has said.

This means that by April next year, service stations will be compelled to blend petrol with 20 percent of ethanol..

“We have agreed that (this) week we will have E10, which means we will have 10 percent of the blended ethanol and fuel. And by end of the year it will come up to 15 percent. But before April next year we will reach 20 percent. This is our main target,” said energy and power development minister, Dzikamai Mavhaire.

Mavhaire said at 20 percent blending, Zimbabwe would save $200 000 daily from petrol imports daily, about $72 million annually.

Green Fuel’s Chisumbanje ethanol plant currently produces 220 000 litres of ethanol per day and five megawatts of electricity, which will be increased to 10 megawatts by December.

It has plans to increase capacity to 700 000 litres of ethanol daily and 18 megawatts of electricity.