Windmill eyes eight-fold jump in stockfeed output

By Chipo Musoko, HARARE, August 26 (The Source) – Agro-chemical manufacturer, Windmill anticipates an eight-fold increase in stockfeed production following the recent acquisition of a $500,000 plant, a company official has said.

Windmill Stockfeeds division technical advisor, Claude Ndavambi told The Source on Monday that the equipment would increase stockfeed production from the current 1 500 tonnes to 12 000 tonnes per month.

“For the past two years we have been upgrading the old plant from a general mash production plant to a fully fledged pellet plant,” he said, adding that the new plant would be operational in two months.

The new plant, which was purchased from France, would make stockfeed in the form of pellets for poultry, pigs and cattle among others.

Ndavambi said Windmill was targeting annual production to 50,000 tonnes per year, up from 18,000 tonnes.

Currently, the nine players on the market are producing 200,000 tonnes per year with additional stockfeed being imported from neighbouring South Africa and Zambia.

“If we managed to produce 50,000 tonnes per year, then we will command a 25 percent market share,” Ndavambi said.

“Competition is stiff and that is why we want to invest in research and come up with a plant that offers what the market requires.”

Ndavambi said there was high demand for stockfeed as more people were venturing into poultry business.